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Stacey Giron

"Matt at Health Yourzelf is truly the best personal trainer there is. He is kind, motivating, and patient. I can't thank him enough for all that he's done for me."


EVYEN J. Klean

"Matt helped me both lose weight and increase my flexibility. Which virtually eliminated the joint pain I had been suffering with... He's truly a health Rock Star, Health Yourzelf!"


Ziva santop

"Matt has been training me for four years. He is truly passionate about what he does and he ensures I reach my goals. He's aware when my injuries may flare up and incorporates stretches to customize my experience and improve my injuries and posture. Matt is constantly observing my from and gives gentle reminders to align myself correctly. He works at my pace but also challenges me to go the extra rep. I could not ask for a better trainer!"


colyn morgan

"I've been coached by Matt for several years now. He is a master at his craft. Matt designs workouts to fit my level while Inspiring me to hit new goals. Matt is enthusiastic and dedicated to his profession,  if your looking for on online coach you can't do better than Matt Z."


Thomas Ernest

"Matt has been my personal trainer for years now.
When I started I couldn’t get up off the floor.
He works wonders and knows how to get the most out of someone."


Helen & Dan Evans

“Matt’s person training is exceptional. He accurately assesses his clients needs and physical conditions to put them on the journey to better health. We’ve found Matt to provide personal training that would not injure us but improve our physical capacity to move and feel empowered. We highly recommend him.”

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Justin Reinhardt

"Every workout with Matt left me motivated, energized and feeling a sense of accomplishment. My body may be sore, but I always know I pushed myself to my fullest under Matt's training. His personalized work outs are constantly up to date with new techniques to bring out my fullest capabilities while also accommodating for any injuries or rehabilitative limitations. When I dislocated my knee, I did not think I would be able to work out so soon after recovering. However, Matt showed me specific techniques and exercises that would not only rehabilitate my leg from injury, but safely strengthen the supporting muscles to enhance my athletic abilities post recovery. This fueled my return for the second half of our season. Matt's personalized dietary plan further enhanced my results in burning excess fat and to increase my abilities as an athlete. Matt also goes above and beyond a normal workout routine as he checks in on me in between workout sessions to ensure I'm keeping up with the my personalized regiment. A true trainer dedicated to his craft, Matt deeply cares about the overall results and well being of his clients. I look forward to the next workout under his guidance."


Dean sapon

"I loved training with Matt. I was looking to lose some pounds while obtaining some muscle and Matt motivated me to reach my goal. He is super knowledgable will all facets of health that include nutrition, exercise, recovery, etc. Matt is always very professional and always on time. I 1000% recommend Health Yourzelf."


Denyce g.

"Working with Matt is amazing! I hadn't exercised in a very long time. My normally healthy body had lost a lot of muscle tone and strength. I needed to do something but I didn't like gyms and working out. My in-person and online sessions with Matt changed my mind and body. Over the past several months my body has regained muscle tone and I feel stronger. He encourages me when I need it, has compassion for my aging body's limitations, which are decreasing, and doesn't allow me to wimp out. I look forward to each session, even when I don't feel up to it, because I know I'll feel better when I'm done. I'm renewed thanks to Matt's training. Do yourself a favor and Healthyourzelf! You'll be glad you did."


Jamilla Churchill

"I loved training with Matt! I have been an athlete my entire life but finding ways to stay motivated and consistent has gotten harder over the years. Matt kept my workouts interesting and he pushed me beyond my personal "limits". Even during the pandemic his workouts were innovative, as he kept me in shape and strong. HealthYourzelf is the truth."


DR. Paul Dougherty

"I’ve been training with Matt for over two years. When we started working together I could not perform an underhand bicep curl due to a long-standing shoulder injury.   I now perform them with ease. I’ve had many coaches over the years and Matt is one of the best that I have ever had.  He has done a masterful job of strengthening my injured shoulder and back.  He respects my injuries, but carefully pushes me and always demands more.  Matt is extremely flexible and respectful of my extremely busy schedule.  In addition to being in the best shape of my life, my posture, symmetry, and alignment have improved greatly as well! I wholeheartedly recommend Matt and his company Health Yourzelf." 


mirei miller

"I have been training with Matt for the past four years and have seen amazing results. He has a lot of knowledge and has helped me get toned and into much better shape based on my needs and issues I have with my knees. Matt is really dedicated, a strong motivator and always fun to train with. Our sessions are never boring or repetitive, I highly recommend Healthyourzelf!"


Anna yoa

"Matt is a very kind and understanding personal trainer, but he does push you to get you where you should be! He was my personal trainer for a while and I really enjoyed having him as a coach! I know I'm a challenging client to work with, so thank you Matt for being so awesome!"



"I hade always been active, but found it very hard to lose my baby weight. That's where Health Yourzelf comes in. With the combination of workouts and nutrition, I saw results fast! If you are looking for personal trainer, look no further, Matt is the best!"


Tony Kostas

"Been working with Matt for a couple months now, and weaknesses and soreness I had in areas I told him about, have most definitely gotten better. My left lower calf had been feeling strained and tight and feels so much better. Same with my shoulders, because I sleep on them, We have focused on certain areas and they feel much better. His mix of stretches and lifts are helping. Would recommend."


Casa Antoine

"I met Matt in February 2020, as we started training at the gym. When the pandemic hit, Matt guided me with amazing body weight workouts at home. My personalized plan  included daily well being check ins that gave me a bro I could get my well-being right with in addition to my physical well being. Also nutriton value, that I started seeing quick results with! I'm big about feeling comfortable , relaxed and relatable to whomever I'm training with. There's nothing worse then working with someone who doesn't feel like they want to be there for you, or are just there for the money. Matt was the opposite, when I didn't want to be there for myself he motivated me to be the best me I could be. We built a friendship, and he gave me what I as a client needed to be successful. Altough I work out alone now, I still implement routines I learned from Matt. I'm grateful for the training I had with him, because it started to put me on the right track towards keeping a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. We keep in touch, as I'm able to ask him for advice. That's one of the greatest accomplishments, becoming the type of person that someone as driven and focused as Matt would want to stay connected with. I appreciate you, thank you for assisting in my journey out of depression and pandemic."


Katina Ryan

"Matt has the passion, knowledge, and experience to train anyone at any skill level and truly cares about his clients' success and mental, physical, and emotional well being. You will not be disappointed in Matt as your trainer!"


Matt Kostoglou

"I have been training with Matt for over a month now. I'm really grateful for his guidance, knowledge, and understanding of what I wanted in my training, especially towards my overall health goals. With the combination of a nutrition plan and workout schedule, I have seen drastic changes in my body. Matt is always there when you have a question, great in posture correction, and customizing routines to your needs. I highly recommend Matt from Health Yourzelf if you're looking to make that life change and take it to the next level. Much love brotha!"


Louis dr. "fish" Fisher

"Really impacted by how much Matt invests in my health and fitness journey! I feel so supported, so safe and actually making progress. I feel stronger and more stable in my joints and definitely more confident."


Chris pentis

"Matt took me through the full six month transformation. During that time I lost 50 pounds! Along with much improved strength and some  muscle. All his training tips I still use in my workouts  today. Matt also helped me improve my nutrition, and I just really  feel better."


Dorothy Segar

"Matt is an extraordinary personal trainer and coach. I have been a client for several years and my physical health and strength has greatly increased since then. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone wishing to improve their fitness and well-being!"


DR. Michael Feinman

"I went kayaking last summer and last week. The difference in my performance was incredible.  Thanks Matt, for improving my fitness, even during the pandemic!" 🏋️‍♂️🚣🏆


Bobby king

"Matt has been an amazing personal trainer over the past year. He really listens to your goals and creates a custom plan to get you there. 10/10 highly recommend Health Yourzelf."



"After my first three weeks  I'd already lost 10 lbs, which was very exciting! I would have to say I truly enjoyed my workout sessions with Matty. I really felt the burn as he targeted the areas I wanted to hit. I'm so glad I Invested in Health Yourzelf. It set me up to now continue being successful on my own."


Luke Z

“Matt’s person training is exceptional. He accurately assesses his clients needs and physical conditions to put them on the journey to better health. We’ve found Matt to provide personal training that would not injure us but improve our physical capacity to move and feel empowered. We highly recommend him.”


Peggy Kramer

"Matt has been exceptional with his guidance and instruction on my health and weight loss journey. I highly recommend him for yours."

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