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About HYZ

Welcome to Health Yourzelf—where we take the guesswork out of health and fitness!


Through six years of coaching people Matt has developed a proven
system to ensure you retain a new found physical, mental and spiritual health.

Synchronizing these components is our philosophy ~ THE FOUR PILLAR PROGRAM. 

Matt offers in person training around New Braunfels, TX, or online coaching, which is
his specialty. Matt is truly devoted to providing you
 elite fitness, nutrition, and mentality training on a deeper level.

Learn how to enhance your thoughts, energy, and purpose. No equipment needed!

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Fitness Group

Health Yourzelf offers the convenience of both 1 on 1 personal training and online fitness program services. HYZ is just that. We bring results-based personal training to your door, offering all our clients the convenience and ease of our online personal training service.

Fitness that Always Fits on Your Schedule

An online personal trainer can guide you to achieve your fitness and health goals with all the accessibility of training in your gym, home, or other personal space. We specialize in strengthening your fitness and body composition and utilize nutritional changes, physical training, and improvements in thinking to help you accomplish your goals.

Why Hire Matt as Your Online or 1 on 1 Personal Trainer?

Matt is an experienced personal trainer and nutrition coach who can offer you all the services a professional would. He prides himself on making the training environment simple to use, interactive, easy to follow, and filled with all the information you need to become successful.

Whether you’re located in Canada, the USA, Asia, the United Kingdom, or another country, his online personal training and online nutrition coaching can help you meet your goals. Apart from a top-notch service on par with anything you’ll receive in face-to-face training, the major benefits of his online personal training are savings and convenience.

The cost for online training services is substantially lower than those for face-to-face services, and you could finish the process from anywhere you like—at home, at the gym, at your office, or on the road!

  • Years of Experience

Over the past years, Matt has provided thousands of hours of personal training instruction, created hundreds of fitness posts, and coached many online clients to reach their goals.

  • Customized Service

When making your training program and meal plan, Matt will consider different individual variables unique to you. That suggests you are not following cookie-cutter advice, but unique strategies made only for you, making your development a lot more effective and faster at the same time.

  • Cost-Efficient

Matt’s online coaching service allows you to benefit from excellent expertise and instruction for a fraction of what it would normally cost to work with a personal trainer in person.

  • Support and Accountability

As an online training client, you will have access to instant messaging support with Matt. He will also schedule an onboarding call to talk about your program when you receive it, plus strategy calls to discuss challenges you may be experiencing along your fitness journey.


Your Success Is Our Ultimate Goal!

Health Yourzelf understands that adopting a new fitness habit is challenging and sometimes fails. We strive to change your view on fitness to become a part of who you are and your overall lifestyle. We strongly believe that you can obtain a healthy and better lifestyle if you exercise healthy habits.


Feeling motivated? Get in touch with our personal trainer today!

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