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Your Personal Trainer

Matt Zampas, Certified Trainer

With a commitment to helping you unlock your full fitness potential, Matt combines expertise, motivation, and personalized guidance to ensure you reach and surpass your health and wellness goals. Trust in the journey, trust in Matt, as together we transform your aspirations into achievements.

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At the Gym

Get One-on-One Personal Training and Weight Loss Training from HYZ’s Personal Trainers & online coaches

Are you sick of being in pain? Would you like to get lean and ripped, as well as pack on muscle? Maybe you simply wish to lose that stubborn belly fat. Whatever the case may be, your virtual personal trainer at HYZ will show you exactly what to do to achieve the body and weight you like. We specialize in getting busy dads and busy professionals fit in the most simple, pain free way possible.

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Get 1-On-1 Personal Training Near Me from Your Online coach Trainer in Torrance

Your online personal trainer will help you create fully personalized nutrition and workout plan based on your preferences and goals—that will present you with what to do to get the results fast. That only means no more guesswork about which type of diet or exercise you must follow.

All you must do is stick to your plan and get fast results. You can guarantee that our online fitness coach is a “real” person. We strongly believe in the perks of working with a real human coach.

There are many one-size-fits-all fitness applications in the market, but we take a unique approach. When you sign up for HYZ training, you work 1-on-1 with an online fitness coach who will help you achieve the results you’re seeking.

Excellent Muscle-Building Training Workouts for You

Maximize your results with a bespoke workout plan intended only for you. Your trainer will present you exactly what to do to accomplish your fitness goals in record time.

  • Never get bored – Your personal trainer will make regular adjustments to your workout plan so you don’t get stuck doing the same monotonous routine repeatedly.

  • Fits into your schedule – No matter how much time you have to work out, your online trainer will make a plan that fits your busy schedule.

  • Workout in the gym or at home – Your trainer will create an efficient workout for you based on whatever tools or equipment you have access to.


Fat Burning Nutrition Plans
You Can Enjoy

Get stronger and leaner without compromising any foods you love to eat. Your online personal trainer will provide you with an inclusive diet plan that is efficient and simple to stick to.

  • No restricted foods – No foods are off-limits. With HYZ, you will understand how to satisfy your cravings while still receiving amazing results.


  • Enjoy satisfying meals – Remember that you don’t need to starve yourself just to lose those stubborn fats. Your trainer will provide you with a diet, which keeps you satisfied and full at the same time.


  • Eat the foods you always love – Say goodbye to bland diet food and understand how to burn fat and build muscle while eating your favorite foods.

Stay On Track with Continuous Support and Encouragement

Your personal trainer near me will regularly check in with you and make necessary changes to your fitness plan to keep you on track to accomplishing your goals. At HYZ we developed a strength and conditioning routine that is pain free. On top of that, you can reach out to your online weight loss trainer anytime, 24/7!

Thus, whenever you need support or have a question in mind, your online personal trainer will always be there to point you in the right direction.


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New Braunfels, TX 78132



Get Results

Ready to see results? Speak with Matt Zampas, your passionate personal trainer.

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