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Warm Up on the Beach

Experienced and Result Driven Online Fitness Coach

Are you tired of being in pain and unfit? Are you looking for an online fitness coach to help you get back into shape? HYZ has you covered. We have an online virtual trainer that can be your ultimate guide to getting in the best shape of your life. Matt is a bodyweight specialist helping busy professional men get in the best shape of their life in the most simple, pain free way possible.

Unlike a personal trainer working with you each day at the gym, a fitness consultant like ourselves will help you understand the changes you should make in your exercise strategy, diet, and lifestyle, helping you get in top shape.

Andrew Guida, CA

“I have been working out with Matt for several months now and have noticed positive benefits to my cardio and motivation. Matt does a great job at demonstrating the proper technique for the exercises. If you're looking for an online personal trainer or a local personal trainer give him a call.."
He holds me accountable, provides insight into a variety of health and lifestyle improvements, has helped me gain muscle and overall strength, aids in my weight loss journey, and provides guidance in the gym and my diet for long-term results. He is flexible and understanding, yet remains firm in ensuring expectations are met and keeps you on track, all while being your biggest cheerleader.

Kameron Afrooz, CA

“Matt has been a great trainer. He’s been fantastic at keeping me accountable to workouts. He’s also been great at modifying the workouts on the fly when I have flare ups in my knee and keeps things really moving. I’d truly recommend you give him a shot. You won’t regret it..”
Image by Ian Hutchinson
Working Out in Gym

Are You Worn-Out Of Getting Average Results In The Gym?

Like most people today, you have been spinning the wheels in the gym, working out every week without noticing any real development. No fat burned, no new muscle gained, and no visible results.

On top of that, you have tried confusing your muscles with numerous working regiments, deleting pasta and pizza from your diet, taking fat burners that make your heart race. However, no matter what you do, nothing seems to work the way you want it to.

Certainly, you are not alone. Unfortunately, even after months of constantly working out, many people have nothing to show for it. Still, it does not have to be that way.

Get Efficient Personal Training
That Gets Real Results

Getting coaching from a highly rated online weight loss coach is hands down the easiest and fastest way to transform your body and get the type of fitness results you have always dreamed of.

As a member of our online fitness program, you will be paired with a certified, experienced, and result-driven online fitness coach who will make a personalized nutrition and workout plan that is intended completely around your goals.

You can get that all for an affordable price with more flexibility than personal training.

Tell Us About Your Fitness Goals, and We Will Match You with Our Professional Trainers

When you become a HYZ member, you will be asked to complete a quick consultation form to efficiently match you with the best trainer. You will be asked about your workout experience, fitness goals, how much time you want to exercise, the equipment you have access to (in the gym or at home), and dietary preferences, among other things.

We will then utilize that data to match you to one of our experienced coaches who is ideally suited to help you accomplish your goals.

The Benefits of Hiring an Online Weight Loss Coach

Online weight loss coaching is an efficient way to improve your lifestyle and offer you the necessary tools and resources you need to lose weight in a healthy manner. Matt’s expertise from Health Yourzelf enables him to customize exercise regiments, everyday mindfulness strategies, and meal plans to help his clients become the best version of themselves.

The key benefits of his online weight loss coaching include the following:

  • Unlimited access

Speaking to Matt for support and advice is invaluable to your weight loss journey. Feeling encouraged to lose weight when meeting with a coach in person or attending a weekly group is simple. But what about those days when you’ve lost motivation and wish to get back into unhealthy eating habits?

With our online weight loss coaching, we can help you prevent such scenarios by keeping track of your meals and continuing to hold you accountable.

  • Nutritional guidance when you need it

Are you cooking a meal and not sure whether the ingredients are good for your diet? Get in touch with Matt for nutritional advice that keeps to your customized health plan.

  • Holistic support

Everybody has different habits, ways of doing things, and learned behaviors. That’s why online coaching with Matt is personalized particularly to you.

When we talk about losing weight, it’s all about mindset. It can be extremely challenging to transform your life for the better without support in changing your mindset.

How Online Virtual Training Works Great on Zoom and Is Convenient


With the advancements and conveniences of the digital world, you can consider whether to get an in-person or virtual personal trainer. Hiring an online personal trainer like Matt from Health Yourzelf can be the most effective option for most people.

To keep it easy, we outlined some of the benefits of working with a virtual personal trainer:

  • – You can easily work out from the comfort of your home without losing time in traffic. You can set your preferred schedule rather than waiting for free space at your local gym.


  • Affordability – Online virtual training is less costly than getting a full gym membership. That’s why online virtual training through Zoom and other platforms has grown in popularity.


  • Data is available online – It helps to know how you are doing. On top of that, all your hard work can be easily measured such as calories burned, heart rate, repetitions per set etc. so you can track your progress. A good bonus is that your virtual personal trainer will help discuss the data with you and personalize your next workouts based on those numbers.

To clarify, one way of fitness training is not better than the other. How you can decide if in person training or virtual training is more advantageous depends on what your current needs are. Matt at Health Youzelf provides both, so feel free to talk to him today and see which program is ideal for your needs.


Are You Ready to Feel Better, Look Better, and Perform at Your Best?

If your answer is yes, then start a fitness assessment at HYZ today to get started! Remember that exercising does not have to be intimidating or complicated. That is why we are so focused on keeping our methods approachable, straightforward at the same time. At HYZ we also create a strength and conditioning workout that is pain free. 

Our mission is to make strength training available to everybody. As part of that mission, we are dedicated to cutting through the mess of today’s fad workout culture with our science-backed training methodology.

Sign up now to begin seeing real results!  



Establish Yourzelf

01. Goals

We guide you in defining your fitness goals.

02. Plan

Your certified personal trainer develops a customized plan.

03. Diet

We coach you on a healthy diet that works with you.

04. Certified

Licensed professional to help you achieve your goals.

05. Assist

24/7 Support

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