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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

At Health Yourzelf we lead personal training clients to optimal results by telling it like it is. Yes, I know you think you know what to do, or how to do it, but if your reading this you simply probably aren't following through all on your own. We offer personal training accountability programs for all walks of life. If you know you are too sedentary, and your health and fitness is getting worse, please stop waiting for a serious medical emergency to happen, then it's too late. Meeting in New Braunfels Texas with our multi-certified team of personal trainers will change your life. If you follow through with what we ask on your own, and aren't amazed by your results, then we will give you your money back!That's how much we stand behind our services. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back, and we have never had to give a refund! Our master trainer Matt Zampas holds certifications in areas such as Core Conditioning Specialist, Functional Training and much more. So whether your goal is fat loss, strength, flexiblity, or all of the above, we truly have you covered. Why Health Yourzelf? Some benefits of proper resistance training include better sleep, more energy, weight loss, fat loss, heart health, mood, stamina and so much more. We will teach you specific exercises that are most optimal for you. So we come up with the most optimal, efficient plan for each individual to truly maximize results. At HYZ we also specialize in minimal equipment workout programs That means you do not need a gym! You can meet us at our gym in Vintage Oaks, New Braunfels, Texas, 78132 But we can also come to you. No equipment needed, so no excuses! Learn proper technique with Calisthenics, and that will get you so much further than sitting on machines most of the time. Our founder Matt has lost friends and family members to drugs and alcohol. That is one of the reasons we do what we do, and why we have such an aggressive call to action here at the top of the blog. We are simply sick of people making excuses and self-destroying their quality of life. Believe in yourself, change your lifestyle for the better, and you will thank us! 30% off for the month of February! - just say "I'm ready to learn more about HYZ" Headquarters : 1984 Ristrello, New Braunfels, Texas, 78132. Visit by appointment only and better yet meet us at the gym in Vintage Oaks Fitness Center - for a Complimentary Consultation or Call now (949)500-7454 or e-mail us @ : Weight Loss, Strength, Mobility, Fat Loss, Injury Rehab, Body-Recomposition! We will not let you slip off track! Check out our 80+ testimonials on google @ Health Yourzelf

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